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    Newsletter #020    
3 November 2022
The founding of the
Wolfram Physics Project
Jonathan Gorard

Before I get to my conversation with Jonathan Gorard, I’d like you to treat yourself.

Go buy Stephen Wolfram’s masterpiece A project to find the Fundamental Theory of Physics right now.

If you’re interested in Wolfram Physics (and I know you are!) you must own this book. It’s big (> 750 pages) and it’s beautiful (extraordinary images on almost every page).

And if you’re really interested in Wolfram Physics, you might want to buy A New Kind of Science too.

Just to let you know, if you use the above links to my reviews, you’ll find affiliate links to the books on Amazon, which earn me a commission at no extra cost to yourself.

It’s not that I’m expecting to make big bucks from The Last Theory (so far I’ve made, um, $0), but even a few cents would help encourage me (and might stop Amazon’s threats to shut down my affiliate account as inactive!)

Now to today’s bonus episode.

Last week, I talked to Jonathan Gorard, who was instrumental in the founding of The Wolfram Physics Project.

In this first excerpt from our conversation, we cover why the time was right in 2020... and why it had been wrong in 2002 when Stephen Wolfram published A New Kind of Science.

We talk about how Wolfram Physics might take over from string theory, why Jonathan likes string theory... and why he doesn’t.

It was a true pleasure to talk to Jonathan about what might prove a pivotal moment in the history of science.

There’ll be much more from Jonathan over the coming weeks, in addition to my regular content!

Thanks so much for your support,


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