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Recommended book

A New Kind of Science

by Stephen Wolfram

The book that introduced the concepts behind Wolfram Physics.

It’s a huge book, as we’ve come to expect from Stephen Wolfram, weighing in at over 1,200 pages, with striking illustrations on almost every one of them.

Published in 2002, it documents Stephen Wolfram’s early thoughts on how computation could prove the foundation of a new kind of science.

It focuses on mathematics and computation more than physics, which is covered in depth only in Chapter 9.

So if it’s the physics you’re interested in, I recommend that you first buy Stephen Wolfram’s 2020 book, A project to find the Fundamental Theory of Physics, which posits a far more evolved theory of physics based on graphs.

For the dedicated scholar of Wolfram Physics, however, this is an essential second purchase, a historical documentation of the evolution of Stephen Wolfram’s ideas.

Where to find A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram:

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