The Last Theory
The Last Theory
The Last Theory
    Episode #052    
7 December 2023
How to measure the curvature of space

What if you’re inside a universe, and you want to measure the curvature of space?

It’s important because getting a measure of the curvature of the hypergraph takes us one step further in Jonathan Gorard’s derivation of General Relativity from Wolfram Physics.

Einstein’s equations relate the curvature of space to the presence of matter. So if we’re going to prove that Einstein’s equations follow from the Wolfram model, we’re going to need that measure of the curvature of the hypergraph.

Once again, a two-dimensional crab comes to the rescue, given us a way to measure the curvature of a universe from inside that universe.

See Stephen Wolfram’s announcement, under Curvature in Space & Einstein’s Equations, also included as the introduction to his book A project to find the Fundamental Theory of Physics, page 20, for more on measuring the curvature of space


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