The Last Theory
The Last Theory
The Last Theory
    Episode #058    
9 April 2024
In defence of Stephen Wolfram

You like Stephen Wolfram, right?

I mean, if he’s to be believed, he has reinvented physics, not to mention philosophy.

How could you not like such a thinker?

Well... it turns out that there are plenty of people who don’t like Stephen Wolfram... or his physics... or his philosophy.

Here are four criticisms of Stephen Wolfram I regularly hear...

...and here’s why these criticisms, though they hint at uncomfortable truths, nonetheless miss the mark.

Stephen Wolfram:

Stephen Wolfram’s claims:

Some of the things Stephen Wolfram created:

Other people involved in the Wolfram Physics Project:

Other people mentioned in this episode:

Brilliant people of the past:

Other episodes of The Last Theory mentioned:



The Last Theory is hosted by Mark Jeffery, founder of Open Web Mind

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