The Last Theory
The Last Theory
The Last Theory
    Episode #049    
19 October 2023
How special is general relativity?
Jonathan Gorard

I asked Jonathan Gorard what it felt like when he realized that general relativity can be derived from the hypergraph.

His answer took us in an unexpected direction.

If the Wolfram model is to be an accurate model of our universe, then it must give us the Einstein equations.

But what if any old model with any old rules can give us the Einstein equations?

What if general relativity isn’t so special?

This is one of the shorter excerpts from my conversation with Jonathan, and it’s a fascinating one.

It takes us to one of the most powerful aspects of the Wolfram model: its ability to answer questions about why our universe is the way it is, questions that were once in the realm of philosophy but may now be within the scope of physics.

Jonathan Gorard

Concepts mentioned by Jonathan

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