The Last Theory
The Last Theory
The Last Theory
    Episode #048    
7 October 2023
Why scientific theories
need not make predictions

In my exploration of Wolfram Physics, I’ve come across one objection more than any other.

Over and over again, people have told me that the Wolfram model must be rejected because it makes no predictions.

I could respond by saying that Wolfram Physics does make predictions. It predicts Einstein’s equations. It predicts Schrödinger’s equation.

But it’s true that it doesn’t make any predictions that differ from those of general relativity and quantum mechanics. At least, not yet.

So here’s my more robust response to the objection: all scientific theories make no predictions when they’re first formulated.

If we dismiss any new theory solely because it doesn’t make any predictions, then we’d dismiss all new theories.

It’s time for academics to learn the lessons of the history of science, and open their minds to bold, new ideas, like Wolfram Physics.


Ancient astronomies:


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