The Last Theory
The Last Theory
The Last Theory
    Episode #026    
22 December 2022
Why hypergraphs might be
a good model of the universe
Jonathan Gorard

Wolfram Physics is based on hypergraphs.


What is it about hypergraphs that might make them a better model of the universe than, say, strings of characters, or cellular automata, or Turing machines?

When I asked Jonathan Gorard this question, he gave an answer that was deeply insightful.

It’s such a core question, so fundamental to why we should take the Wolfram model seriously, that I’ve listened to Jonathan’s answer over and over.

Jonathan Gorard

People and Concepts mentioned by Jonathan

Wolf-Rayet nebula – Nebula surrounding the Wolf-Rayet star WR124 in the constellation Sagittarius. (Produced with the Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2, Hubble Space Telescope.) – NASANSSDCA Photo Gallery – Yves Grosdidier (University of Montreal and Observatoire de Strasbourg), Anthony Moffat (Universitie de Montreal), Gilles Joncas (Universite Laval), Agnes Acker (Observatoire de Strasbourg) – Public domain

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