The Last Theory
The Last Theory
The Last Theory
    Episode #010    
26 May 2022
Are Wolfram’s graphs

Are Wolfram’s graphs three-dimensional?

In Episode #009: How to measure the dimensionality of the universe – watch the video or read the article – I introduced a mathematically-minded crab, which was able to determine the dimensionality of its universe by measuring how much space it covered moving different distances in every possible direction.

Now I’m going to use the same crabby method to determine the dimensionality of graphs generated by Wolfram Physics.

I’m finally going to answer the question: how many dimensions are there in one of Wolfram’s universes?

And the answer’s going to be unexpected.

Here’s a hint: it’s not two and it’s not three.

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“What would a 3.37‑dimensional universe look like?”
“What are dimensions?”