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    Newsletter #051    
16 November 2023
A toy model of particles
Jonathan Gorard

Here’s another eye-opening exposition from Jonathan Gorard.

You’ll have already heard me refer to particles as persistent tangles of nodes and edges that propagate through the hypergraph.

Jonathan describes how a non-planar tangle, persisted by planarity-preserving rules, might move through the hypergraph without being altered, other than through an interaction with another non-planar tangle.

Does this sound a bit like an elementary particle to you? It does to me.

And to Jonathan too. He thinks these non-planar tangles are a toy model of how particles might work in Wolfram Physics. The real model is likely more complex.

Fortunately, there’s an infinite class of hypergraphs that give rise to such persistent topological obstructions.

No one has seen an electron in the hypergraph... yet.

Still, these ideas point the way to a taxonomy of elementary particles that might one day explain the Standard Model.

And that’s a pretty exciting prospect.


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