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    Newsletter #040    
15 June 2023
How to find interesting & plausible rules
Jonathan Gorard

Thanks for helping launch my last video: Why has there been no progress in physics since 1973?

It has just passed 50,000 views on YouTube, far beyond any other episode so far.

Your watching when you receive this newsletter really helps convince YouTube to show my videos more widely.

I’ll keep the philosophy-of-physics discussions coming, but for today’s episode, I have another excerpt from my conversation with Jonathan Gorard.

The Wolfram model allows an infinite number of rules.

Some of these rules generate interesting universes that are complex and connected, some of these rules generate plausible universes that look a little like our own, and others... go nowhere.

I asked Jonathan how to find rules of Wolfram Physics that are both interesting and plausible.

Thanks again for helping me reach a wider audience!


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