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The Last Theory
    Episode #055    
19 January 2024
Where’s the evidence for Wolfram Physics?
Jonathan Gorard

I asked Jonathan Gorard the question I’m asked the most: can the Wolfram model make testable predictions about reality, predictions that differ from those of general relativity and quantum mechanics, predictions that might prove that Wolfram Physics is right?

Jonathan showed how the Wolfram model might shed light on some of the most mysterious phenomena of our universe, from black hole inspirals to quantum entanglement.

He focused on four areas where the class of theories encompassed by the Wolfram model might predict observable phenomena:

1. Cosmological consequences of global dimension change

2. Astrophysical consequences of local dimension change

3. Discretization effects during extreme astrophysical events

4. Quantum mechanical effects such as maximum entanglement speed

These dozen minutes of my conversation with Jonathan were dense with insights into Wolfram Physics, a true pleasure to revisit!

Jonathan Gorard

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